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Manual handling training throughout Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex

MJ Training of Lowestoft, offers professional training in manual handling. Contact us for more information. 

Comprehensive training

Numerous people in the UK suffer from a musculoskeletal disorder that was caused by their current or past work. More than a third of all accidents reported each year are manual handling accidents. The manual handling training offered by MJ Training provides the required information and training for organisations about the risks connected with manual handling. We will train you on how to take a risk assessment and also how to ensure that the necessary control measures are put in place.

With IOSH trained trainers, we offer a high level of training to our clients.
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Why take the manual handling training course?

  • Ensures compliance with UK Health and Safety legislation
  • Training developed by health and safety professionals to ensure maximum benefits
  • Reduces the risk of staff injuries and possible compensation claims
  • Reduces the requirement for covering staff being off work due to manual handling injuries
  • Covers your due diligence
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Manual handling training

MJ Training Lowestoft provides a number of training courses on manual handling, some of which are Level 2 Regulated Certificates  while others are based on the Level 2 Syllabus for which we award our own non-accredited certificate.  All courses can be used as a record of training and for compliance and audit purposes.  

(Either accredited or non-accredited certificate awarded) 
Also available for those who are involved with the moving of people, in both adult and childcare:
  • Moving of People Safely
  • Safe Moving of People (Including Hoists)
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Manual handling of loads

MJ Training of Lowestoft, offers in-depth courses on the Principles of Manual Handling of Loads for clients in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex. To book a course at your venue, call us today.

Incorrect manual handling is one of the most common causes of injury at work.  At MJ Training, we offer a half day course in the Principles of Manual Handling.  It covers all the basic principles of manual handling and provides an awareness of safe manual handling practices.  This does not include any practical sessions. 

For practical training using equipment in your workplace, you need the longer Safe Moving and Handling Course. For both of these courses you can achieve either the Level 2 Regulated Certificate or our own non accredited certificate. 
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Covering a range of topics

We cover the following topics:
• Common manual handling injuries
• Manual handling laws
• Responsibilities of employers and employees
• Risk assessments

Safe movement principles associated with manual handling, including the body’s:
• Musculoskeletal system
• Centre of gravity
• Lever system

Theory of safe manual handling principles, including:
• Preparing for a lift
• Solo lifting, carrying and lowering an object
• Team manual handling

Manual handling equipment:
• Types of manual handling aids and equipment
• Maintenance and requirements for testing

We also provide training on the Safe Moving of People (Including Hoists)
Helpful, friendly and informative. Plus all had practical sessions as well.

-Mrs Verma - Owner,Care Homes, Great Yamouth, Norfolk
21 Aug 2017
Safe Moving of Loads & People (Including Hoists)
For manual handling training in Norfolk, Suffolk or Essex, get in touch with MJ Training, Lowestoft:
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